Amy Gordon

Out Now: Painting the Rainbow

In the summer of 1965, 13-year-old Holly and her cousin Ivy accidentally uncover family secrets no one has spoken about since World War II. At the family's annual reunion at the Greenwood lake house, the girls feel like they're growing apart. But everything changes when they start finding letters and pictures related to a Japanese boy named Kiyo. Uncovering the mystery leads the girls to a whole host of subjects the Greenwood adults won't talk about. | Find the book at IndieBound

"In this insightful and expressive novel about complicated family dynamics, two girls show their elders that with honesty, courage, and empathy, even old wounds can be healed."
—Barnes & Noble
"The story skillfully combines complex family dynamics, adolescent angst, and a good mystery."
—School Library Journal
"Beyond the girls' insights into events and changes that feel outside their control, Gordon's story will leave readers thinking about the politics and chaos of relationships and the effect war has on individuals."
—Publishers Weekly