Amy Gordon

Painting the Rainbow

In the summer of 1965, thirteen-year-old Holly and her cousin Ivy accidentally discover family secrets no one has spoken of since World War II. Holly and Ivy have always been close, but this summer at the annual family reunion at the Greenwood lake house, the girls seem to be growing apart. Although they spend hours together painting an old rowboat, they don’t talk about things that are important...until they begin to find letters and pictures related to a Japanese boy named Kiyo. Uncovering the mystery of this ghostlike boy leads the girls to the many subjects no Greenwood adult will discuss, such as their uncle Jesse’s death during the war. | Find it on IndieBound

The Shadow Collector's Apprentice

Peculiar things are going on in the town of Medley over the summer of 1963, but it's hard for twelve-year-old Cully Pennyacre to figure out what it all means. His father has disappeared mysteriously, people don't seem like themselves, and his apprenticeship at Betty's Attic antique store gets stranger each day. The owner has a disturbing hobby of collecting people's shadows with a weird projectorlike machine and foul-smelling chemicals. He claims the process is harmless, but it leaves his victims listless and passive. Odd happenings become the norm as Cully, Batty's granddaughter Isabel, and Cully's best friend band together to get to the bottom of a secret black market in human shadows. | Find it on IndieBound

Twenty Gold Falcons

Mark Twain Award nominee.

In this sequel to The Gorillas of Gill Park and Return to Gill Park, 12-year-old Aiden, miserable after the death of her father, must move with her mother to the city of Gloria. But soon Aiden and her new friends, Adam (a brainy worrywart) and Liesl (a free spirit who lives in a treehouse), are caught up in the search for rare and valuable coins—Gold Falcons—in the historic Ingle Building, where there's much more than meets the eye. | Find it on IndieBound

When JFK Was My Father

It's the 1960s, and Georgia is in boarding school. To escape the dreariness of school life, she pretends that President John F. Kennedy is her true father. She also has conversations with the ghostly presence of the school's founder. Tim, a boy Georgia knew when she lived in Brazil, joins her in running away. Then Kennedy's tragic assassination forces Georgia to come to grips with reality. | Find it on IndieBound

Return to Gill Park

In the sequel to The Gorillas of Gill Park Gill Park is attacked by vandals, and Willy sets about to discover who is causing the trouble and why. He also comes to Gill Park and stays with her while he attends an unusual school. The eccentric owner of the park has left him a mystery to solve in his will. Willy's old enemy, Dillon Deronda, the famed pitcher of the Sharks, reappears, but this time he and Willy must work together to solve the mystery. | Find it on IndieBound

The Gorillas of Gill Park

Nominated for the Texas Bluebonnet Award and the Missouri Mark Twain Award; chosen as Best New Fiction for Grades 3-7 by The Regent Book Company.

Willy Wilson goes to visit his costume-making Aunt Bridget, who lives by Gill Park in the city of Gloria. While she's making 30 gorilla suits, he's making new friends and learning to play baseball. One day, the eccentric owner of the park disappears. Willy sets out to find him. | Find it on IndieBound

The Secret Life of a Boarding School Brat

Voted one of the best children's books of the year by the Children's Book Committee, Bank Street College of Education.

Lydia Rice prowls her boarding school at night and becomes friends with Howie, the night watchman. Howie calls himself a "Silly Wizard" and makes Lydia his apprentice. He sets her the task of discovering who the girls are in a mural that is painted on one of the school walls. Lydia discovers some important things about herself as she sets about accomplishing the task. | Find it on IndieBound

Magic By Heart

An urban folktale/fairy tale. The Spanish teacher/witch Silvia Flores is attacked by giant pigeons. In return for rescuing her, Silvia promises deli-owners Sam and Belle she will grant any wish. They wish for a child, and in time, they are blessed with Arietta who has the gift of seeing into the hearts of people. Meanwhile, Hector, Silvia's brother, has found a mirror that allows him to borrow the face of anyone he wishes, and his intentions are not always good... | Find it at Alibris

Midnight Magic

While Uncle Harry is babysitting his nephews for the weekend, the Tooth Fairy leaves a gold key meant for the Ogre in "Puss in Boots." | Find it at Alibris

The Talking Bird and the Story Pouch

Storyteller, whose calling has been passed down to him from a long line of storytellers, looks for stories everywhere until a magical adventure to Blue Mountain teaches him that his storytelling powers are within himself. | Find it at Alibris

Star Baby

When 9-year-old Allie wishes on a star for a baby sister, she doesn't count on a Star Baby showing up. First of all, the baby is a boy, and he's weird: He can fly and expand like a balloon. Allie soon wishes she was a Lonely Only again. Illustrated by Margot Apple. | Find it at Alibris