Amy Gordon

About My Workshops

I love to give workshops. I combine drama improvisational techniques with brainstorming. We start by playing, and through play students begin to take creative risks. As a drama teacher for most of my thirty years of teaching, I learned that PLAYING IS CREATING! The best writing grows out of a playfulness that is shaped and revised. I am also available to present a book talk/slide show for grades 3 and up on "Where Do My Ideas Come From?" to your school or group.

As a rather shy person myself, I enjoy helping shy people find their voice.

Advice to aspiring writers: Develop a habit of writing. Write every day. Eventually something that you write will call out to you and ask that it be more fully developed into a story.

An essential tool for writers: journal writing.



The writing that Amy Gordon inspires in children sets imaginations aflame. As a writing teacher, Amy Gordon is an engine of innovative ideas, and she activates children into self-expression before they know what has happened to them. Her insights into children and the art of play speak as voluminously as her books about them. Amy's workshops revitalize."

—Leif Riddington, Director of Summerwrite! Camp, Western Massachusetts Writing Project

Amy Gordon’s thoughtful, creative, intelligent presentation thoroughly captivated the audience at this year’s author’s luncheon. Surprising and delighting our children, she ingeniously tailored her PowerPoint production to our own students, using photos she took of them in advance to portray characters in her new book. Ms. Gordon complemented her appealing visuals with equally compelling words about the beauty and power of language, the lifelong companionship of beloved books, and the unparalleled feeling of success and fulfillment that writing well engenders. Her workshop for a lucky group of aspiring writers engaged and challenged them; students’ comments enthusiastically revealed both how much they learned in a single afternoon and what fun they had doing it. We sincerely appreciated Amy’s ability to combine the professional and the personal to make the best author’s luncheon ever! We look forward to her return in the future!"

—Mary Todd, Rolling Hills Preparatory School and Renaissance School for Arts and Sciences